Audrey Easley

Hi! My name is Audrey, I am a lover of travel, culture, good food, and community. I love to work in highly active and community-focused environments. You will find that a lot of my work is focused on creating community and spaces for healing. In my free time, you will find me traveling, ranting about good music videos, discovering new music, or studying random subjects of interest.


This Tea and Coffee brand was created to tell a space for community and giving. The design is created to be minimal but bold. I designed the product to be sustainable, soft to touch, and form a sense of intimacy. Initially inspired by a song, This product developed into more than a simple tea product, but one of forgiveness, generosity, and engagement. My hope is that it can be shared between friends, significant others, and family to create a stronger bond between individuals.


Dream Exhibition is a highly collaborative space for architects, engineers, designers, and curious creatives to explore the possibilities of exhibition design and working with people in diverse fields. Though all are welcome, the focus is on young 20-somethings who struggle to find their use in a highly competitive field. “How can I change the game if I don’t even know what I don’t know?” This exhibition is a chance to step outside of the typical structure to allow a moment of self-discovery and play.


As an individual passionate about music to no end, I spend a lot of time supporting my favorite artists. But why is it so difficult to get everything I need for a concert or to support my favorite artists? It seems as though everything is on a different platform. Asteroid is a chance for artists to promote and sell merchandise, tickets, live and digital concerts, as well as intimately interact with their fans without fear of running into highly offensive feedback. The app is highly customizable for the musicians and allows the user to promote/find small and upcoming artists.