Danielle Gamboa

I am interested in exploring abstract concepts and problems. During my time as a student I have had the opportunities to work in a sculpture studio, at a small company running laser cutters, as an artist at a bioengineering lab, and as a graphic designer at my school. These different spaces have inspired me to stay curious about how design influences our lives and to also stay adaptable to new challenges.


I served as one of two designers on a student led team of eight who worked together to create this year’s official Seattle Pacific University Yearbook. We faced the challenge of adapting to a new remote spring for SPU and acknowledge the shift our community faced. Our publication holds memories of fall and winter quarter events and the realities of life with classes and campus suddenly living on zoom. I collaborated with my fellow designer, the photographers, and our editor in chief to create content and art direct the publication. I helped create this year’s style guide which focused on bright and bold colors to show the vibrance of our community.


An animated video explaining the complex mechanics that allow the cuttlefish to camouflage with its surroundings. I was challenged in this motion graphic to show both the cuttlefish in a changing environment and the different layers of the skin that contribute to the cuttlefish’s ability to replicate a wide range of colors and patterns.


The challenge for this project to create a more interesting way to present boxed wine. Boxed wine is more eco-friendly because cardboard is lighter to ship and easier to recycle. Boxed wine can also keep open wine better for longer due to the vacuum created in the bag when pouring. However, it often feels less exciting. I wanted to create a package design that is bright and sculptural to bring richer experience to the product.