Megan Nielsen

Hello! My name is Megan Nielsen and I am a rare Seattle native. Growing up in the city’s diverse and colorful culture has extremely influenced who I am as an individual, and definitely as a designer. My work emphases the elements of typography and color. I enjoy creating bold work that helps to express my personal style. I am extremely interested in combining my technical design skills with my natural passion for the fashion industry.

Two years ago I started a project at my University that allowed me to utilize my communication skills, my visual design skills, and my leadership potential. I created a low-budget fashion zine called, MODE. I have held the position as the Zine Creative Director for my final two years of school. This has been my most personally fulfilling project over the last couple of years as a designer. I want to continue to create work that fills me up with joy and that can have a positive impact on communities.


MODE Magazine is a project I started my junior year here at Seattle Pacific University. I teamed up with the fashion club at our school and pitched them my idea of creating a fashion zine for the school. The zine is titled, MODE, after the name of the fashion club on campus. I create visual themes for students every quarter and then they are able to freely create and submit their work like written articles, photoshoots, etc. I take all of their work and organize it into this low-budget zine. I then print and distribute the zine throughout campus! I found a way to combine my design skills with my passion for the fashion industry. It’s also a platform to bring the community together and it supports the creative arts of students.


These are some graphic samples of the branding I created for One-Off Design Conference. One-Off is an experience design conference that specifically gathers experts in the field of fashion pop-up shop design. I want my audience who attends to feel really inspired by these experts and see the value in this newly trending marketing strategy, that is pop-up shops. My branding is rooted in this phrase, “A pop-up shop is a brand on crack”. I created that phrase to catch my audience’s eye and to try to encapsulate what the essence of a pop-up shop really is in a concise manner.


I wanted to design a product that was inspired by the lifestyle of summer adventure. Something you can take anywhere like a beach, a park, a day time party etc. I decided to create a hard kombucha in an old style beer growler that is easily transportable and eco-friendly. This product really revolved around my user and their lifestyle. I wanted it to appeal to the PNW crowd. I wanted to tell a story with my branding by using the image of a mermaid which represents a creature that is free and adventurous and that basks in the sun. A creature that humans can relate to but that also challenges our imagination.