Keala Gasmen

Aloha! Hello! And Welcome! My name is Keala and I believe I was created to create. My roots in the design world come from the realm of church and ministry. I have a strong desire to continue to use my experience in visual communication design to continue to help the Church future its reach. I am passionate about coffee, all things about Jesus, my culture as a pacific islander, and seeing other people grow to their full potential. When not designing you can usually find me either at the beach or with friends.


Li hing mui is a popular condiment in Hawaiʻi. However, it is traditionally packaged in plastic bags that are often found littered among roadsides and beaches. Litter is already a problem on the islands of Hawaiʻi and single use plastics are responsible for most of the negative impact on the fragile environment found in Hawaiʻi. This reimagined packaging design for this Hawaiian staple focuses on sustainability. The design features biodegradable packing to reduce waste on the islands of Hawai’i. When conceptualizing this packing design I really wanted to pay homage to the Plantation Era in Hawaiian history through the rustic feel and the historical photo of Hawaiian plantation workers. I wanted this package to be rooted in history while still moving forward into a sustainable future.


PICCA is the Pacific Islander Club of Cultural Arts at SPU. The logo for PICCA was inspired by native pacific islander tattoo motifs and designs. The logo is rendered using a modified typeface that calls back to the points of tattoo and textile art found in indigenous pasifika cultures. While the tribal rendition of a wave denotes the ocean which connects all of the pasifika cultures together.


Collide is a conference for church creatives that is centered around exhibit and environmental design when it comes to places of worship. This conference is focused on the moments in a church experience when heaven and earth collide. The branding reflects those moments of high energy, anticipation, and excitement that is found in many modern church settings when that moment happens.