Kaylee Seiber

Hi, I am Kaylee Seiber! I am a graphic designer with a love for sports and animals. You will never see me without a coffee. My favorite part of the design process is problem solving. I love the challenge of adapting, exploring and trying all design possibilities. Understanding my audience and designing for their needs is my goal. I have a passion for sports and the arts. My dream is to combine both of my interests and work as a graphic designer for a sports organization. 


The Sports Experience Design Conference was established to bring the sports design community together to learn, inspire and meet other creative professionals. Located in Seattle, the conference features many Pacific Northwest sports design The goal creatives who talk about their work and explain how they play a part in building the excitement and entertaining atmosphere for sports fans. Throughout my project, I incorporated Seattle’s professional team colors and illustrations. I also used elements of movement and dimension in the logo, poster, and schedule booklet to combine the sports and art elements together to represent the sports design community. The logo, illustrations and writing on the poster and booklet are all original work.


The Pro Sports Seattle Publication is a magazine focused on highlighting the Seattle entertainment and culture for the local sports fans. The feature story in this issue of the Pro Sports Seattle Publication covers the change in the Seattle Mariners stadium and their new partnership with T-Mobile. I created a collage of images relating to the Seattle Mariners and the T-Mobile sponsorship. Incorporating illustrations of the Seattle Mariners players with accents of magenta helped reinforce the theme of the story and also create the illusion of movement and dimension used in sports design.


The S’mores To Go! box is an all-inclusive product designed for making S’mores easy, fun and convenient for its users. The bungee cord handle is removable to use as a camping tool. When you take the sleeve off the S’mores box, you will find the ingredients are all labeled in their own bags. The original, hand-drawn S’mores logo is in white to reinforce the feeling of a fluffy marshmallow. The chocolates have the signature S’mores logo in white chocolate and the two skewers are retractable to fit conveniently back in the box when you are done.  The sleeve and labels are in orange to create contrast and pop. All the camping doodles on the sleeve were drawn to match the fun and playful aesthetic of the product.