Melissa Kendall

My name is Melissa Kendall, and I am a creator. I am passionate about the human experience and creating ways to connect people, create diversity, and cultivate a powerful community through design. I believe in creating work that speaks to human emotion, and positively impacts the lives of others. It is my ultimate goal as a designer to create for a positive change.


Given the prompt to create our own design conference, I went with print design. As all designers I’m sure relate, I went through a pretty “crazy” David Carson phase, and it was his passion for print design that inspired my direction. However, I strayed away from his collage style, and went with bolder colors and exciting graphics that I felt best represented how designers feel about print.


The purpose of this project was to design packaging for a food or drink in a creative and innovative way. I chose to package honey. I was stuck for a few days on how to creatively package this household staple, when in the middle of the night the idea came to me. I wrote down some incoherent notes on my phone, and when I woke up pieces together this Honey X Yeezy brand collaboration. The Yeezy brand is where I pulled style inspiration from, and from there I created my unexpected packaging collaboration.


The challenge for this project: Create a time-based piece explaining a product, movement, or idea. I chose to animate the history of the iconic Nike Air Max shoe. As someone who is passionate about the cultural connection between sports and fashion, I was very excited to create this video. The video displays a brief history of the shoe as well as illustrations showing the evolution of the shoe.