Julie Renne

Hello. My name is Julie and I am a graduating senior from SPU’s Visual Communication program. I have experience in design for social media, print and photography, but am interested in learning more about UI/UX as well as experience design. This coming fall, I hope learn more and enter the Data Analytics masters program here at SPU. I also have a great passion for athletics and will be starting my third year as a collegiate rower, most recently placing fourth nationally. I hope to combine my great love for design and sports in a collaborative career.


While design a refreshed brand for the SPU Erickson Conference, I learned a great deal about communicating with clientele and using and requesting feedback to make an accurately representative design. Myself and another designer were challenged with rebranding a scientific conference put on by Seattle Pacific University over the course of four months. This included logos, posters, and several social media graphics. Over this course, our process included finding inspiration, conceptualizing, and then putting our ideas into actualization, all while keeping our client involved in the process. This resulted in a comprehensive design that excited SPU students in order to increase attendance.


While learning about information design, I was challenged with the task of creating an informative animation that depicted all aspects of one specific object. I was extremely excited about this project as it tapped into sometime I loved – getting to learn and design for athletics. This project proves to be difficult due to the amount of research that was required in order to fully understand the item I was describing, from both a rowers and a creators perspective. Because of this, I threw myself head first into the research and visited rowing clubs as well as a rowing shell manufacturing center in order to make sure that I had learned everything I could and could create this project to be effective in it’s information. This resulted in a simplified animation, that included a peak behind the curtain on what a rowing shell is like – inside and out.


Welcome Home. A project designed to ease the stress of newly settled citizens. This website software was created specifically for my senior year in the SPU design program and was born as a solution to a problem found in my own personal narrative – the stress of moving. While creating this project, I came upon the challenge of finding the best way to reach this specific audience, with an emphasis on single parent families so seemed to have it the worst. After several weeks of research and ideation, I created Welcome Home. This software allows local government or communities, to create their own one-stop-shop city websites with ease. This allows new residents to easily access important resources such as employment, school registration, and connecting with the community.