Karen Gutowsky-Zimmerman

Professor Gutowsky-Zimmerman is the beloved director of our Visual Communications Program. Karen guided us throughout our journey of design and has given us valuable insight into the way design plays into culture today. We would like to thank her for her work here.

Thank you for everything, Karen! You have helped me become stronger as not only a designer but as an individual!

Thank you, Karen. You are the best!

Hi Karen, you are the best professor I have never had, your guidance and encouragement was invaluable, I have discovered a passion for learning and exploring, thank you.

I have grown so much because of you, thank you for being the best (:

Thank you, Karen, for always believing in me and pushing me to do better.

Thank you, Karen, for pushing me as a designer and showing me support and encouragement throughout my design education. You gave me confidence to try new things and introduced me to many amazing opportunities.

Karen is literally so cool, fun, playful, energetic, and extremely passionate about all of us and our futures!!!

Love you Karen, thank you for the guidance through my years at SPU and the great experiences that come along with it.

Karen, I want to say thank you for everything you’ve done for us! You always go above and beyond for us and we all appreciate it. Thank you for always pushing us to be be/er.

Thank you so much for always supporting for us both in and out of the classroom.

Thank you Karen for your support, your faith and most importantly, your constructive criticism!

Karen, thank you for believing in us all, showing love with every teaching moment, and making us better designers through everything we’ve faced.

Karen, you are the most supportive and uplifting professor/mentor anyone could ever ask for, thank you for everything.

I want to give an enormous thank you to our professor and director, Karen Gutowsky-Zimmerman, for always pushing us to think creatively, to never be satisfied with the status quo, and to always think outside of ourselves.

Karen, thank you so much for being a model of unconditional love, a creator of community, and the anchor of my college education.

Karen! Thanks so much for all you do, you go above and beyond the role of a professor!

Thank you for your passion in design. You inspire others to perfect their craft and design for a cause. The world needs creatives like you to build up the next generation of problem solvers. You are leaving a legacy of good in your wake.

– The Visual Communications Class of 2020