Sabrina Seang

Hi, I’m Sabrina! Taking on problems and finding ways to solve them both visually and creatively is something I am very passionate about. Empathizing and storytelling are two main factors I take into account when creating designs. When I am not working on a project, you can find me playing with my puppy Oreo or eating at the next trendy food spot in Seattle.


Students were instructed to create an app that could be used in a smart city. I designed the GoPark app so users could find parking easily within the downtown area where there are a variety of garages with different prices and capacities. This app obtains data from garages using a sensor-based parking guidance system and provides the most appealing experience for the user in terms of price, availability, and distance. Once the user chooses their garage, they can reserve a spot through the app allowing for the utmost convenience.


After being assigned to create a Seattle based publication, I created Seattle Lifestyle—Thrifting 101 in response to the popular thrifting culture we have here. I wanted to not only educate the reader about how thrifting saves money, but to also explain how thrifting is beneficial to both the environment and our community.


These “Hello Robin” Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich packages were designed to make having dessert at home quick, easy, and fun. Within the cylindrical packaging, there are three sections—frozen ice-cream stacked between two pieces of cookie dough. The package itself is made out of cardboard so the waste can be recyclable after use. With multiple flavors available, users can experience variety.