Gray Griffith

I have always wanted to express my creativity but could never quite grasp what that truly meant. I kept to myself as I grew up, and now, graduated, and free, I plan to create the hell out of everything I want. My name is Grayson, and I am a designer.


For those long days at home in quarantine, its best to remember to stay healthy physically and mentally. I wanted to help people build a habit of keeping themselves fit, just at their desk. To do this, I designed an app that reminds and tracks your posture and time at your workstation and helps remind you of when to move and stretch.


In an age of seamless technology, our homes are smarter than we are. I wanted something that could make your home feel more customizable and feel more yours. To that extent, I also wanted their to never be the issue of a room being too dark or ill-lit. Avoid the rarely washed light switches, and switch to Luster.


I know firsthand how difficult it can be growing up somewhere you don’t belong, often feeling alone and helpless in a world out to get you. I wanted to develop something that could be used to reach out to those with similar stories and help them get the boost they need. Whether that be talking with a therapist or just learning how to socialize and converse, your young ones can do it all where they feel most comfortable, at home, playing games.