Samantha Berrios

Hello, I’m Sam! A Sea/leite with an interest in packaging, editorial, and branding design. As a designer, I like to make products that help educate users in different areas of their lives/solve everyday problems.

I AM ______

I am____ was created for young designers who are not confident of their abilities or are not sure of what they want to do with their future and i am___ welcomes them to the world of design and what it has to offer.


Royaltea is a tea box packaging product created with the goal to reduce the use of material such as tea bags/cardboard. This product is meant to be reused and different secMons of it can be purchased separately to avoid unnecessary waste and help the customer get exactly what they need.


Seattleite is a magazine that tries to educate its audience on different topics, this issue is dedicated to recycling and the impact it has not only the city that we live in but also how it affect the rest of the country and world. Recycling is the first issue of Seattleite because this is important an important topic in this city, but as important as it is, it is not done correctly and this magazine’s goal is to educate others.