Grace Zhu

Hi, I’m Grace, I enjoy expressing my creativity through graphic design.  Graphic design gives me the opportunity to bring my crazy ideas to reality, my greatest inspiration comes from my bi-cultural background, it makes me more open minded, flexible and adaptive to new experiences.


Brochure designed for brand conference. The goal of this conference is to educate and give people opportunity to know more and have deeper understanding of branding design and why branding design matter. Also give people who interested in this field an opportunity to reach out and connect to the people have same interest. I played with the bold color palette to create visual interest and gradient is key indicators of Murune brand design, the overall brochure design is to show conference overview, Schedule, speakers and their bios.


This poster design was for a tea tasting event hosted by Chinese student association; the goal is to express Chinese tea culture and inviting people attend to the event. I was able to explore and implement many design variables and I chose Chinese ink painting and calligraphy to represent Chinese traditional culture.


The primary focus of this publication is to inform readers about Seattle’s unique voice. It will be used to educate its readers about personalities, activism, current trends, histories and ideas that are distinct to the Seattle marketplace. I chose to provide cultural information and awareness of Chinese culture in Seattle also to embrace the uniqueness and rich heritage of the Chinese.