Emma Sebastian

I’m a Brand Identity Designer, Strategist, and Storyteller. My goal is to help companies be able to present themselves as authentic as possible. My passion is being able to bring these stories to life with illustration and animation. Some of my favourite parts about designing is learning from the people around me and learning from clients.  Without the stories behind the design, it is just aesthetics. We tell stories every single day, these stories are what form people and the way that they think. These stories were why I wanted to be a designer, so I could help people tell theirs.


West Strand provides local small-batch cocktails. These products are all locally sourced from the west coast, crafted with quality, fresh ingredients. Each package contains a series of spirits, bitters, citrus and syrups that are all forged from San Diego to Seattle. This cocktail helps bring an understanding to the ease of bartending at home. With each package having four servings it creates an authentic bartending experience to share with a friend. Every item comes separated to ensure freshness and to give the customer an inside on mixology. The recipe card includes tricks to ensure the perfect cocktail from professional bartenders, with insight on the drink’s origin. Enjoy, and consume responsibly.


Zest was created to create meal prepping easier. This app can scan receipts, barcodes, and link up to a smart fridge to create custom recipes. Using ingredients currently in the pantry, Zest will recommend recipes based off rating, cuisine and availability. The user can filter by item type or quantity of items missing, and if there are any items missing in a recipe, the user will be redirected to Amazon Fresh or Amazon Now to purchase it.


She CAN BE. is a brand design conference in Seattle, WA that empowers women and guides them on how they can build brands authentically to themselves and their clients. The goal of this conference is to empower women, themselves and their brands. The conference features speakers from graphic design, product design, marketing, entrepreneurs, and influencers. When entering this conference, the women will get a badge option, deciding which route will be taken for them to grow, to be inspired, to empower, or to build a community.