Edric Tran

Hi, I’m Edric Tran, and I am a UI/Visual Designer with a passion for new innovative designs and concepts. I love to design delightful experiences for the user because I enjoy telling the story behind it. I believe in the power of good design because it gives me endless opportunities to learn new things. I am also dedicated, fast-learning, and passionate about working to help ship excellent work.


i GO is a travel application for all solo travelers all around the world. It gives users to plan and schedule their trips conveniently and efficiently by suggesting and providing useful information base on what they like. They can search for good places to eat or great places to visit on the app. Also, users can buy flight tickets and book the place to stay from the app. i GO will help users manage time, budget, and expenses during their trips. Besides, it’s also a social media where users can share their experiences with other users.


Foody Seattle Magazine is to inform readers about Seattle’s food, and it will be used to educate its readers about food, activism, current trends, histories, and ideas that are distinct to the Seattle marketplace. My publication would be intended for Seattle residents and travelers who are interested in food and culture. The magazine would provide information about restaurants and food stores in Seattle, tips for conserving resources, recipes, and related news and events.


Illuminate is a conference that creates a better community for User Experience Design. Attendees would have opportunities to share and learn in an open environment. It will motivate the audience to learn how they approach design, work with clients, and improve their skills. This conference is a safe place to create effective designs and speed on user experience best practice. I also created a mobile application to pair with this conference. It was designed to give attendees a place where they can track the events and workshops.